Tax Planning

Bane O’Leary LLC understands the impact taxes can have on a successful retirement, and plan for it accordingly. As experienced investment strategists, we know how to work with tax professionals to ensure that the effect of taxes on your income and investments are minimal.

Our Multi-Tier Approach to Successful Tax Planning Includes:

Taxability of Social Security Benefits

Taxes can be a shock if you’re not prepared. We’ll help you plan a strategy that maximizes your monthly SSI benefits.

Roth Conversions

Let us help you make smart decisions now to ensure you’re in the best position for your future.

Net Unrealized Appreciation (NUA)

With the right game plan, we will help you take advantage of tax codes that give you the best outcome on your distributions.

Our Multi-tier Approach to Successful Tax Planning Includes:

Sequence of Distributions

We advise, based on your unique circumstances, when to take your distributions in order to safeguard your investments from being overtaxed.

Appropriate Deductions

Don’t assume that retirement means you can’t take advantage of deductions. We will assist you in finding the right mix of deductions to secure your retirement income is where you want it to be.

Having a tax-efficient retirement income strategy could be the single, most important thing you can do to provide a stable income in retirement. Working with your tax professional or utilizing our CPA, we will help you develop a customized tax plan that works for YOU. Starting NOW is the key. Our CPA will prepare your annual income tax return to ensure you are tax compliant and taking advantage of the right benefits that will ensure a successful tomorrow.

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