Cash Management

No matter how much money is in your investment accounts, including cash management, there’s a good chance there’s always a little extra cash waiting to be utilized.

We will collaborate to help you identify investment opportunities and sources for money management that will put your cash to work for you while maintaining flexible access.

Transactional cash products

These are automated, secure options for short-term cash that’s waiting to be deployed either in the market or for everyday expenses.

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Insured Deposit Account (IDA) sweep

  • A cash sweep vehicle for earning interest on cash balances held in accounts.
  • Funds are immediately accessible and automatically sweep to a network of banks every day where they receive FDIC insurance coverage—up to applicable limits.
  • You’ll get a debit card with nationwide ATM fee rebates, check writing, and other convenient cash management features.
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TD Ameritrade cash

  • This is a cash sweep alternative for earning interest on cash balances held in accounts that are pending investment.
  • Funds are immediately accessible and remain in the brokerage account where they’re protected by applicable Securities Investor Protection Corporation (SIPC) coverage.

Investment cash products

These are potentially higher-yielding options for longer-term, more goal-oriented cash balances.

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Purchased money market funds

  • An array of prime, government, treasury, and municipal fund options is available from Charles Schwab Investment Management (Schwab Money Market Funds).
  • Varying minimum investment options are available to meet a broad spectrum of client needs.
  • No transaction or short-term redemption fees.
  • Next business day funds availability if positions are sold by the fund’s cutoff time.
Our registered investment advisors utilize a diversified approach to cash management that’s customized to your short-term needs and long-term goals.
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