401(k) Management

Are you controlling your 401(k) or are you leaving its performance up to the whims of the financial markets? Your 401(k) is a vital part of your retirement plan, but the average American just makes an initial selection, then crosses their fingers and hopes their quarterly statements bring them good news. But you don’t have 
to just set it and forget it. With our 401(k) Management service, 
we can help optimize the performance of your 401(k) to generate greater returns and bring you closer to your financial goals.
Do you really need someone to manage your 401(k)? Well, ask yourself:
  • Do you know the difference between small- and large-cap funds?
  • Do you know if you should be prioritizing growth or value?
  • What’s your allocation mix for domestic and international stocks?
  • Do you know when it’s time to be in the market? Or when to be out of it?
If you’re not confident about your answer to any of those questions, it might be time to speak with a financial advisor.


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Get more out of your 401(k)

For most people, making changes to their 401(k) isn’t even an option because they either don’t know what to do or how to do it. Even the most diligent financial DIYer can make emotional decisions with their 401(k) that end up being detrimental to their financial success. By allowing Bane O’Leary to actively manage your 401(k), you can stop worrying if you’re making the best decisions and gain peace of mind that your retirement account(s) will stay on track.
On average, we’re able to generate 3% higher annual return rates compared to non-managed 401(k) accounts because we’re monitoring the financial markets every day to identify potential risks and opportunities, then making adjustments to support both your retirement account and overall financial plan.

How does it work?

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We meet to discuss your financial goals and risk tolerances so we can make the smartest possible choice for your 401(k) or other retirement accounts.
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You provide us with access to manage your 401(k) or other retirement accounts on your behalf. You’ll still have complete control and access to all information.
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We analyze the financial markets and make adjustments to help support the continued growth of your 401(k) and your overall financial plan.
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We provide advanced reporting to show you how your 401(k) is performing, what adjustments we made, and the market activity that influenced our choices.
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Complimentary 401(k) management consultation.

To help you get the most out of this service and your retirement accounts, we offer a no-cost, no-obligation consultation where you can ask questions, learn how the process works, and share with us your short- and long-term financial goals.
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