Our Approach


We build legacies by not resting on ours.

The financial services industry is obsessed with tradition and history. Reputations and repetition drive decisions rather than insight and understanding. But if your mindset is stuck in the past, you can’t see what’s on the horizon. Knowledge and experience are crucial, but rigid thinking stunts growth, and relying on old methodologies prevent you from exploring new opportunities.

Making big financial decisions often relies on the smallest details. That’s why we address and monitor your unique financial situation, immediate needs, and long-term goals throughout our partnership; adjusting to the shifting landscape and keeping you moving toward the life you’ve envisioned for yourself.


Process Number 1


Before making any financial decisions, we want you to feel comfortable and confident that we’re the right partner for you. Our first meeting is all about you: your goals, your values, and your mindset. It’s also your chance to ask us questions about how we’ll work together and determine if our services meet your needs.

We’ll ask you to bring some basic retirement planning documents to this meeting so we can get a better understanding of your financial situation and assets, as well as what you’re happy with or concerned about.

Process Number 2


We’ll provide and review our complete analysis of your current financials along with a proposed outline of your personalized retirement plan.

You’ll walk away with a fundamental understanding of your proposed retirement plan and how specific actions or changes to your investment portfolio, Social Security claiming strategies, pension, tax strategy, and insurance strategies could impact progress toward your goals.

Process Number 3

Approve & Implement

Once you’re comfortable with our proposed approach, we’ll develop and present the specific recommendations and tactics that make up your personalized retirement plan. These will take into account your current finances, your immediate needs, your risk tolerance, and what you see as the ideal future for you and your family.

After making any requested alterations to your plan, we’ll complete all the necessary paperwork to begin implementing your plan and provide you with all the account information you’ll need to access your accounts online.

Process Number 4


After implementing your retirement plan, we’ll schedule progress reviews for 45, 90, and 120 days out to make sure you’re happy with how your plan is operating and discuss any possible adjustments or opportunities.

Future review meetings will focus on specific tax planning, insurance planning, estate planning, or asset structure strategies, as well as an overall update on your retirement plan’s performance.

Steve Bane Meeting

Fiduciary Responsibility and Data Security

We’re proud members of the Institute for The Fiduciary Standard. As fiduciaries, we’re duty-bound to serve your best interest, act with prudence, and disclose all material facts and conflicts.

Beyond our fiduciary obligation, we’ve instituted multiple systems, policies, and partnerships to ensure that your personal information and financial data remains private and protected against unauthorized access.

Join us for a complimentary retirement analysis.

Whether you need help getting started on the road to retirement or just have questions about your current financial situation, we’ll sit down with you to identify critical areas for retirement success and provide answers to the most important questions every retiree should be asking.
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