Our Fiduciary Responsibilty

Bane O’Leary LLC is a member of the Institute for The Fiduciary Standard. Fiduciaries hold a unique and important role in law and the investment profession. Fiduciaries possess the technical expertise, experience and specialized knowledge that equip them to render advice (due care). They are duty bound by an undivided loyalty to their client.

Six Core Duties embody the major elements of fiduciary responsibility under the Advisers Act of 1940 and are:

  1. Serve in the Client’s Best Interest
  2. Act in Utmost Good Faith
  3. Avoid Conflicts of Interest
  4. Disclose All Material Facts and Conflicts
  5. Act prudently, with the care, skill and judgment of a Professional
  6. Control Investment Expenses

Be sure to ask your advisor for a copy of our Fiduciary Commitment.



In this age of identity theft many people are genuinely concerned about the privacy of their information and the unauthorized disclosure of information.  Our systems, policies, and partnerships are carefully developed and maintained to safeguard our clients’ personal information and financial assets through:

  1. Electronic Security
  2. Asset Protection Guarantee
  3. Physical Document Security
  4. Employee Security
  5. Non-Sharing of Client Data
  6. Legitimate Data Exchange

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