Investment Management

At Bane O’Leary LLC, we know that truly successful retirement planning is about more than your investment portfolio. We know how to position investments within the whole of your retirement plan, using strategies designed to minimize your risk and maximize your return.

Our goals are the same as yours: to prudently protect and grow the assets you have worked for over a lifetime. Our registered investment advisors utilize a diversified, approach to portfolio management, customized to the needs of our individual clients.

By employing comprehensive investment research techniques and the best portfolio construction companies in the business, we are able to provide cutting edge investment strategies that focus on the 4 basics:

Lowering Portfolio Risk

We know how and when to diversify your assets.

Reducing Unnecessary Costs

We ensure that management costs don’t cut into your ROI.

Increasing Tax Efficiency

We will carefully safeguard your exposure to ensure you’re taking advantage of the best tax breaks.

Maximizing Returns

We will work to establish an asset allocation mix that meets both your timeline and financial goals.